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Cookies are files used for identification purposes. We transmit cookies through your browser, and these cookies are stored on your computer’s hard drive; we can read the data stored on these cookies while you visit our website; when we use so-called “persistent” cookies, we use a pseudonym to protect your data. This type of cookie is automatically deleted after your most recent visit to our website.

In contrast, our short-term cookies, known as “session cookies” do not receive special encoding. However, the security standards implemented by your browser prevent third parties from being able to read these session cookies. Our session cookies are automatically deleted when you leave our website.

Cookies help us identify your browser. They allow us to present you with information adapted to your country and to place articles in your basket. Without these cookies, the functionality of our website would be limited.

Your browser’s help menu gives you instructions to set your browser to only register new cookies with your approval, to reject all new cookies or to disable all cookies that your browser has received. In addition, you can always revoke your consent to the use of cookies to create a usage profile by sending an e-mail to Please note that the refusal to store cookies may limit the functionality of our website.

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